Little Ginger Referral Program

When I was introduced to the idea of a referral program

for clients, I was in love : )

Digital photography has allowed us the opportunity to create stunning images,

but it has also inevitably driven up the price of professional photography.

I am so glad to be able to offer my clients a chance to save a little something

extra! Everybody benefits - you save, your friends save, and I get beautiful new

faces infront of my camera : )

When you receive the product you have ordered from your session,

you will also receive a bundle or referral cards...

hand them out to your friends & family!

Every time someone books a session with Little Ginger Photography

& they present one of your referral cards, they will receive

a $25 credit to be used towards their session fee or ordered product,

and YOU will also receieve a $25 credit!

Your credit can be used to order product or when booking a future session!

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